Shooting at UVa

Bruce writes: Former UVa football player Jamaine Winborne was shot by another student outside Hench dormitory on the UVa grounds early Wednesday, apparently as part of an altercation at a large gathering of students celebrating the end of spring classes. Winborne, who was wounded in the leg, is listed in fair condition at UVa Hospital and according to police his injury is not life threatening. Police have issued an arrest warrant for 23-year-old undergraduate student Aaron Joshua Robinson in connection with the shooting. According to the Progress and UVa police Capt. Michael A. Coleman, this is the first shooting on the Grounds in over a decade, not counting suicides. However this has been a bad year for violent crime at or around the University with the serial rapist still at large and with another student charged with murder in the stabbing of a volunteer firefighter only six months ago. Three other UVa football players have also been charged with disorderly conduct or vandalism for incidents following the shooting on Wednesday morning as the police tried to clear the crowd. The Daily Progress and WINA are carrying the story.

3 thoughts on “Shooting at UVa”

  1. The story seems to have been adequately reported in the Progress; however, I saw no mention of the story in the "Sports Section" of the paper (Did I miss it?).

    It strikes me this is unusual, at least in comparison with other papers, since sports reporters, by virtue of their job associations, may have sources with more intimate knowledge of motivations and "after action" commentary of "insiders".

    Certainly, exchange of information between "Sports" and "News" reporters may have taken place, and full reporting accomplished ,but still…………………………………

  2. not common for the Regress to ‘protect’ the UVa Sports Program. I remember a few years ago about a story where some female basketball players were arrest at Leggots. And it took the Cavalier Daily not the Regress to report that.

  3. IamDaMan3 posted: "not common for the Regress to ‘protect’ the UVa Sports Program"

    I presume you mean "uncommon" and with that presumption………………..

    Yes, over the years, that has been my observation , although it does seem a bit "cozy" for an "Award Winning" newspaper.

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