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Small Movement to Write In Richards

A small movement has developed to write-in incumbent Meredith Richards for next week’s City Council election, WINA reports. Signs have appeared in town to this effect, as well. Richards, who failed to secure the Democratic nomination, has made clear that she has no desire to run as an independent or have people write in her name. In the previous election, small contingents supported writing in Republican Jon Bright and yours truly, but what with neither of us running, we got just 56 votes between the two of us, not enough to affect the outcome of the close election. Whether Richards can get enough votes to affect the outcome of the election remains to be seen.

Shooting at UVa

Bruce writes: Former UVa football player Jamaine Winborne was shot by another student outside Hench dormitory on the UVa grounds early Wednesday, apparently as part of an altercation at a large gathering of students celebrating the end of spring classes. Winborne, who was wounded in the leg, is listed in fair condition at UVa Hospital and according to police his injury is not life threatening. Police have issued an arrest warrant for 23-year-old undergraduate student Aaron Joshua Robinson in connection with the shooting. According to the Progress and UVa police Capt. Michael A. Coleman, this is the first shooting on the Grounds in over a decade, not counting suicides. However this has been a bad year for violent crime at or around the University with the serial rapist still at large and with another student charged with murder in the stabbing of a volunteer firefighter only six months ago. Three other UVa football players have also been charged with disorderly conduct or vandalism for incidents following the shooting on Wednesday morning as the police tried to clear the crowd. The Daily Progress and WINA are carrying the story.

Progress’ Candidate Profiles: 3 of 6

In an ongoing series, Elizabeth Nelson is profiling each of the six candidates for City Council. In the past three days, she has written about Democrat David Brown (love the headline headline: “Chiropractor wants to give back”), Democrat Kendra Hamilton, and independent Vance High. Still to come, of course, are Democrat Kevin Lynch and Republicans Ann Reineke and Kenneth Jackson. Doing her best to make this election interesting, Nelson has been covering each of the candidate forums, most recently the NAACP forum, the highlight of which was a woman calling Kevin Lynch an “airbag” with a personality problem who is “full of crap,” leading to Lynch’s rejoinder that he wasn’t the one with the need to defend his personality. Ah, those wacky forums.

Yet Another TV Station

Joining WVIR and the summer-slated CBS affiliate is yet another television station, Channel 9, a broadcast station. This one is billed as all C’ville, all the time — city news, city music, segments based on print media features, and a rebroadcast of WINA’s morning show. They hope to sign a lease on the old WINA space, in the Market Street parking garage, but still have the small issue of raising $3M to get things going. September 1 is the slated launch date. Liz Nelson has the story in today’s Progress.

Kilgore: Majority May Sell McIntire Land

In January, City Council voted to get Attorney General Jerry Kilgore’s opinion as to whether a supermajority is necessary to sell 9.2 acres of McIntire Park to the state to create the Meadowcreek Parkway. Kilgore has returned his opinion, which holds that the supermajority is not necessary, because, he writes, “public highways belong entirely to the public at large.” His opinion seems at odds with the relevant section of the Virginia constitution, article VII, section 9, which states, simply: “No rights of a city…to its…parks…shall be sold except by an ordinance or resolution passed by a recorded affirmative vote of three-fourths of all members elected to the governing body.” With the council race in progress and up to three new councilors taking office on June 30, it’s not clear if Council will act on this now, or wait until after elections. Bob Gibson had the story in yesterday’s Progress.



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