David Brown Running for Council

At long last, somebody has announced that they are running for City Council. Chiropractor, SOCA volunteer, and former Charlottesville Democratic Party chairman David Brown has announced that he is seeking the Democratic nomination for Council, WINA reports. Brown has been exploring a run for several months and, according to WINA, “he supports higher-density for some parts of Charlottesville and a more efficient public transit system.” The three incumbents who are up for reelection — Democrats Maurice Cox, Kevin Lynch, and Meredith Richards — have not yet announced if they will seek reelection. The Democratic nomination convention is scheduled for February 7th, less than three weeks from now. Traditionally, this would be the height of campaign season for Democrats seeking the nomination, but that simply hasn’t happened this time around. 01/20 Update: See Elizabeth Nelson’s story in the Progress for the complete story. It looks like Liz is going to be playing the role of Jake Mooney this election, which gives her a lot to live up to.

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