Crime Rate Drops in C’ville

cornelious writes: Per Police Chief Longo, City Crime reporting rate dropped by 10 % in 2003 as compared with other years. Longo attributed the drop to “community policing efforts” and a `destabilization` of drug markets. From the Daily Progress, Monday 19 Jan 04

With just one homicide and serious crime having dropped in 11 of 14 categories, these results are pretty impressive.

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  1. And racial profiling has increased by a huge amount. I appreciate the good job that the Charlottesville PD seems to be doing, but this is one huge blemish on their record.

  2. OED2:

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    So, perhaps the crine rate is really receding, is what.

  3. Crime is down because more citizens are packing (legally.) Last year, when I was getting finger printed for the concelaed handgun permit, the deputy commented that applications were "way, way" up and that they were very busy.

    Coincidence? Perhaps.

    Imagine what it would do to to further lower the crime rate when some 80 year old woman caps a perp with her Glock.

  4. The "crime rate" is a measure of how many people get arrested.

    So perhaps the police aren’t doing their job after all!

  5. Did I just hear of "hoodlums" attacking someone walking on the downtown mall at 11:00 ?

    I love the cops I talk to every day on the mall. I feel safe and haven’t had many concerns of being targeted. Any chance of beefed up presence later at night? Especially at Central Place ?

    MLK lives.

  6. Actually, it’s based on the number of crimes reported, and has nothing to do with how well the police are doing their jobs. Unless, of course, you expect them to be going door to door, asking if a crime is being committed.

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