City Council Candidates?

cornelious writes: Republican and Democrat political activists are searching for candidates for City Council and, according to the Progress, Republicans may have one or two and the Democrats four or five candidates. I hope there will be more interest from well qualified Republicans to take on a campaign for a seat on the council but I can certainly understand their reluctance to compete with the odds. I have this feeling there are some voters (especially “new voters”) out there willing to elect “something other” than a Democrat to Council – – could be interesting.

It’s plain that things are still developing on this front, but with the Democratic nomination convention approaching in three weeks, things are going to have to start happening soon.

5 thoughts on “City Council Candidates?”

  1. I haven’t lived here long, but I somehow doubt that republicans get elected to very man posts in c’ville. I think the only other more republican-hostile place I lived was DC. I am not exaggerating when I say there were more socialists (national socialist party, green party, etc) than republicans on the ballot. Of course, 80% of the registered voters are democrats, so it isn’t a big surprise.

  2. I think the only other more republican-hostile place I lived was DC

    I think the only more democrat-hostile place in Virginia is Charlottesville City. One of the reasons I moved here. It’s not like I’m a registered Dem or anything, but I may take a chance on a Dem before most Republicans.

  3. In the above post, I meant to say:

    I think the only less democrat-hostile place in Virginia is Charlottesville City.

  4. Got a link to that Progress story? Who are these potential candidates? Isn’t three weeks before the convention a little late for these things to be developing? (Though, I know Schilling waited until virtually the day of his primary to get involved, but that’s different because his party is so small.)

  5. How much do they make again? $5000/yr? I’m shocked that more people aren’t jumping at the chance :)

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