Gordonsville Cop on Cocaine Bender

Gordonsville police officer Emerson Brown, who disappeared for a few days in October, has been indicted on embezzlement and drug possession charges, having been accused of going on a “cocaine bender” by the city prosecutor. Brown, who was fired from the force earlier this month, claimed that he had gone on a manhunt to Fredericksburg in order to recover his stolen service pistol. He’s now accused of having travelled to the city and traded his gun for drugs. Reed Williams has the story in today’s Progress.

8 thoughts on “Gordonsville Cop on Cocaine Bender”

  1. I wouldnt be so sure about that. I doubt they will get a conviction.

    How do you prove drug posession if no drugs were found?

    How do you prove embezzlement if the pistol was never recovered?

  2. not sure Lars but if they prove he was issued the pistol (signed for it, etc) and he can`t produce it I guess that is a start , at least on lesser included charges. I`m no lawyer but usually they don`t go to court unless they have something to hang their hat on.

  3. how about NO COPS NO POLICE!

    that is what everyone in here wants? We don’t need the cops. They like harassing everyone and we can’t have that.

  4. Yes, he cant produce it, but his story is that it was stolen. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. How do they prove it wasn’t stolen?

  5. I am not a troll, I am just TIRED ever time I read Cvillenews, it is like everyone is after the local police or sheriff. Everything they do is under microscope with you guys. I will admit everything has one or two bad seeds, but you can’t tell that when you read this site.

    DOWN WITH COPS! (*motto for the smart and enlighted cville people*)

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