UVa Hospital Picket Planned

Cecil writes: According to a Cav Daily article, some folks are in the mood for a good old-fashioned picket at UVa Hospital. Apparently a manager used the “n” word within earshot of some subordinate employees. Read the Cav for the details, such as they are.

25 thoughts on “UVa Hospital Picket Planned”

  1. that anybody attending a picket is getting a free day off work?

    let me be clear–I think the picket (if it happens) is misguided and that this is almost undoubtedly a case of hypersensitivity. the reason i posted the story in the first place is because it seemed a misguided reaction to whatever happened.

    but where do you get the idea that anybody picketing anything has gotten their employer’s blessing to take the day off and walk around in the sunshine? I don’t know of any employers in this area that say "you get x number of sick days and oh yeah, we have a picket days policy where you can take the afternoon off with no penalty to picket local organizations."

    I think that anyone picketing something either (1) has taken the day off work with some kind of penalty (using up a sick day, losing wages, etc.) or (2) has a flexible, non 8-5 job schedule.

    your post sounds like you imagine that everyone else (or maybe just those lucky liberals?) gets to take the day off for free while you, poor thing, have to slave away at the office. i guess it’s not just minorities who think they’re being oppressed and excluded from the good things in life, huh?

  2. and i’ll retract my statement. you think that UVA would bring down that kind of s**tstorm on themselves?

    i said what i said mostly in jest, but to be honest, i would be very surprised to see anyone involved in such a picket disciplined by their employer, given the sensitivity of the issue. if they do picket, then i hope they do lose a day of vacation, or wages, or whathaveyou. as state employees, i don’t want to see my tax dollars going to fund a knee-jerk, PC *****-rally.

  3. the edited word in my last post was another word for a female dog, and used in the context of "complain incessantly".

  4. Article in 11/21 Cav Daily

    unbelieveable. all this upheaval because of one word somebody uttered at work. don’t get me wrong, i’m well aware of the connotations that word holds. but damn, does the world have to come to a screeching halt every single time somebody says something that offends somebody else? the article says that none of the staff members who heard him say it were offended, they’d just rather he hadn’t used the word. if that’s the case, then why the hell is there an anti-racism rally at the hospital today? do people like ot get pissed off just for the sake of getting pissed off? seems pretty damn stupid to me.

  5. I agree with you. It seems nowadays people are so jumpy to have protests and all of that crap. I think if someone in a supervisor rule did use the word then that person’s supervisor should deal with it. The ‘n’ word itself has lost any of its purpose these last years. When I see the white urban gangstas walking around calling thier friends ‘ yo my ‘nigga”. Come on! Where is are the protesters?

    Buttom line, if a boss that said anything racists to put down a worker then that boss should be dealt with by the proper channels. I think your statement about ‘free protest day’ is what is all about. I guess the war protests are passe and we have to protest something.

  6. I have given this much thought and all my logical deductive reasoning comes to:

    Protest to what end?

  7. that’s the thing, though. the article in the cav daily stated that the guy didn’t use the word as a put-down. he was making a point about racist sports team names. the article also stated that, even though they were uncomfortable with the use of the word, those who heard it both understood the context it was used in, and didn’t think that the person who said it had ever shown any racist tendencies. so i don’t see where the problem is. any sanction against the guy who said it would be a violation of his first amendment rights. he didn’t use the word in a derogatory manner, or in such a way as to intimidate or belittle a coworker or subordinate. what if someone had said they went coon hunting this weekend. or that someone had a chink in their armor? would the protesters be out then?

    i could understand a protest if a supervisor fired an employee because he was black. but a protest based on this incident, IMHO, really detracts from the legitimacy of the arguement. they’re calling someone a racist who had no racist intent in his comment. and to me, that’s just stupid.

  8. I have to agree. I think this kind of thing gives real anti-racism efforts a bad name. It’s like crying wolf.

    Although I do think that anyone uses that word publicly FOR ANY REASON AT ALL is not using common sense.

  9. yeah, bad move on his party. i just think it’s funny how they’re calling him a racist, when he was using the word to make a point about how some sports team names are racist.

    i guess if certain people feel that racism is rampant at UVA, then they’ll use any excuse they can to make a big stink about it and bring it to the forefront again. it just scares me to think that there are people out there that hypersensitive. either that, or they just don’t like to read or believe what’s printed in the newspapers. i for one think the hospital guy should be given a fair shake, and allowed to make his case before the NAACP and al sharpton show up to crucify him.

  10. so how about them Washington Redskins!!!!

    I can see the headline now in the Regress:

    A large mass of Native Americans protest CvilleNews in reference to a racist term.

  11. What I think is news here, is that Cecil felt the need to truncate "Nigger" to ‘the "N" word’ You can say "Nigger" on tv if you want. And the word "Nigger" can be found in the works of such writers as Joseph Conrad, Mark Twain, and Charles Dickens.

    "The ‘n’ word" is rathar ambiguous. In the context of a hospital, I’d assume he meant one of the following words:

    nigedase: <chemical> Lipolytic cpd from the seeds of love-in-a-mist nigella damascena

    nigericin: <chemical> An ionophore capable of acting as a carrier for K or Rb or as an exchange carrier for H with K. Originally used as an antibiotic. Has been used in investigating chemiosmosis and other transport systems.

    nigerose: 3-O-alpha-d-Glucopyranosyl-d-glucose;a disaccharide obtained by the hydrolysis of amylopectins, consisting of two d-glucose residues bound in an a1-3 linkage. Origin: fr. Nigeran, a polysaccharide synthesised by Aspergillus niger

    Nigrosine: A variable mixture of blue-black aniline dyes; used as a histologic stain for nervous tissue and as a negative stain for studying bacteria and spirochetes; also used to discriminate between live and dead cells in dye-exclusion staining.

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