Stalled Again on the Meadowcreek Parkway

JamesMadison writes: Charlottesville’s City council, deadlocked 3-2 on the Meadowcreek Parkway, has been considering calling the transfer of land to VDOT an “easement” instead of a “conveyance” to get around the constitution’s requirement of a 3/4 majority vote. Now the City Attorney is looking into Virginia Attorney General opinions which say even an easement will require a 3/4 majority, since the transfer is a “permanent disposition.” And, apparently, the law may give the Mayor a veto over any attempted end-run around the 3/4 majority requirement. Mayor Cox is one of the two counselors who have opposed the parkway. According to City Council Clerk Jeanne Cox, they expect a public hearing on this in late January, although it is as yet not scheduled.

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  1. Normally maybe, since our City Charter denies the mayor a veto. But in the extraodinary case of a disposition of public property like a park, a Virginia statute apparently supercedes the charter and gives the Mayor the veto power. If exercised it takes a 3/4 majority to overturn.

  2. I think most everyone realizes something has to be done about the increased and now unbearable traffic on 29-North. Mayor Cox put down the contest vote when he was counting on not counting too much. Now that the ball is in his court, we shall see what he does with it. Personally, I think there are better ways to deal with the traffic (like underground traffic corridors and tramways) which would allow to maintain the low-density country atmosphere elsewhere, but these are more expensive and require a political will that I just don’t see anywhere in Virginia. So, the most realistic “low-cost” solution to the traffic quagmire on 29-N is a bypass parkway, a bit like Lynchburg Expressway does. Mayor Cox needs to take a look at that. It’s not a totally bad solution…

  3. I thought that the tunnel suggestion was insane the first time that I heard it. Having since read up about the tunnel (an underpass) constructed under Williamsburg in lieu of a bypass in the 40s (IIRC), I no longer believe that it’s such a ridiculous idea. I don’t know what Williamsburgers think about their tunnel, or how physically-viable that it would be for Charlottesville, but I find the concept intriguing.

  4. In phase 1, I envision a 6.5 mile tunnel going from underneath the intersection of Bus-250 and 29-N to Profitt & Airport. For practicality, there would be an exit / entrance around Woodbrook Drive. In phase 2, Pantops would be connected, keeping an exit / entrance at 250/29.

    Ideally, the tunnel entrance would split from 29-S at the level of between Farnum Place and Woodhurst Road (on the side of UVA so as not to uproot residences).

    I feel that such a solution would prove to be win / win / win for everyone involved, including the local businesses, VDOT for the passersby, and the community alleviated from a huge portion of current and expected congestion traffic.

  5. Since Boston is nearing completion of the Big Dig, maybe we could get a good deal on the old elevated highway they’re tearing down ! ;-)

  6. Yeah, if you don’t care anything about aesthetics. Bunker Hill, Revere, Chelsea, Charlestown and Faneuil Hall are happy to be ridding themselves of those concrete testaments to bad taste, so why bring that junk here?

  7. I’m just star gazing, dude. I doubt anyone will take this seriously. I mean, just as Va Power is an "overhead company" (as in overhead poles), Virginia is a "mow down" state.

  8. My tongue was firmly planted in cheek hence the ";-)" at the end. A tunnel would be a great alternative but the financial demands would be too high to justify such an undertaking in an area as small as C-ville. I’m sure the money would rather be spent in a larger, more congested area.

  9. I am sorry but when you guys suggested a tunnel, that really made me laugh out of my seat. Okay, lets see Charlottesville is how big again? Is it the size of Richmond (no), Norfolk (no), Va Beach (no). You guys trip me out sometimes.

  10. I agree with that. The fact we’re even talking about tunnels in such a small sized town is a testament to poor planning, or, more accurately, to a lack of social political economic perspective. In other, simpler words, Americans in general, and Virginians in particular, have accepted that commercialism, and therefore commercial interests, dictate everything from lifestyles, culture, architecture, even education.

    I’m not anti-capitalist; in fact, it is a totally workable scheme. But just as a homemade hamburger can be a culinary delight, stuffing your face with ‘special-sauce’ big-macs is not the way to go. This is how I look at the Virginian modern man-made landscapes: greasy, artificial, unaesthetic lumps of ‘special sauce’ commercialism.

    Anyway, back to the congestion on 29-N. How about a Meadowcreek parkway that uses a few little tunnels? That way, the park could be spared perhaps…

  11. How about a Meadowcreek parkway that uses a few little tunnels?

    That’s actually a fan-freaking-tastic idea. At only 1.5 miles, it’s far more feasible than a bypass tunnel.

  12. Well, NSD is "Never Say Die" and of course you know I was referring to Ole Fig Newton not the one involved with apples.

    On a lighter side— Why not a tunnel? – as opposed to "MiGawd a tunnel"

    I like your "straight ahead" thinking – no bypasses – tunnels forever!

  13. Let the record show I was the first on this board to recognize Sympatico`s tunnel vision.

  14. Hey, your role is to sideline and ignore me. I don’t ‘do’ the acceptance thing from sysops. YA GOT ME?

    ..dammit! I’m *real* good at rejection. Now what?

  15. Oh, ‘cuz Newton and me are cool. Nut I was tinkin’ NSD was maybe:

    * Neural Sequence Detector

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    * Nearest Shole Distance

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    Isn’t Google wonderful? I just know Isaac would have dug it!

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