Gordonsville Officer Disappears, Reappears

Gordonsville police officer Emerson Brown failed to come home from work on Friday, October 10th. When he didn’t turn up, an expensive, intensive search was launched. Searchers found him early Monday morning in Fredericksburg, where police reported that he had not been kidnapped, and that his gun was missing. What had led him to Gordonsville was unknown, but the Orange County Sheriff was more worried about missing service weapon, which the sheriff said had not been “forcibly taken” taken from him. Now the sheriff has launched an investigation, and Officer Brown is saying that he was on a private mission to find two people that had stolen his gun at gunpoint. (Presumably, that’s two different guns.) Nobody’s buying his story, and he’s been suspended from the force. No charges have been filed yet. Two points to the first person who connects Officer Brown to ex-deputy Stephen Shiflett.

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