MusicToday Expanding to ConAgra Plant

Coran Capshaw and Dave Matthews Band’s MusicToday have announced that they are moving their ticketing operations from their Ivy location to the former ConAgra plant in Crozet, which Capshaw bought in early 2001. He had long sought to find a frozen-food company to occupy the space, but was unsuccessful in doing so. The company is considering moving all of their operations from their buildings in the Ivy Business Park to the unusual structure, but that is currently undecided. David Dadurka has the story in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “MusicToday Expanding to ConAgra Plant”

  1. I am always happy to see a local company expanding with success, but I’m disappointed that Coran was unable to locate a food processing company to occupy that space. It may be too late to matter, but there were a lot of workers that had worked at ConAgra their entire lives — having a music merchandising business in town doesn’t provide them with a job. Again, that’s hardly MusicToday’s fault, and I’m glad that they’re expanding, but I wish that they could be successful and all those former ConAgra employees could be employed doing what they were trained to do.

  2. At least MusicToday will be a low-impact business environmentally. ConAgra was a major user of water and wastewater services, as well as being the only Albemarle County business that was on a top 25 list (at #18) of Virginia sites storing extremely hazardous chemicals.

    If they move all operations there, presumably they’ll have entry-level warehouse and office jobs that local workers without specific music industry experience could get.

  3. You’re not going to see many of these types of jobs coming back to the area (or into the U.S.), but the ConAgra folks may find a great low-wage job at Target, BestBuy or a probably future Super-Walmart!!! Now they may have to make do with $7 an hour and very little benfits, but hey, progress can’t be stopped, right?

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