Sharpton to speak at UVa

dsewell writes: All over UVa Grounds today there are flyers from the University Democrats announcing that presidential candidate Al Sharpton will speak at Old Cabell Hall this Sunday, Oct. 19, at 3:15 p.m. Sharpton has been gaining respect for leadership and eloquence in the Democratic debates (as a Washington Post op-ed noted, he was the only candidate on the platform at the Baltimore debate capable of dealing with a couple of LaRouchite hecklers intent on disrupting the proceedings). Is he finally making it into the political mainstream?

9 thoughts on “Sharpton to speak at UVa”

  1. Gee, just in time for the Daisy Lundy federal grand jury!! Yippee! Or maybe he’s here to try to downplay the "gang" attack on the white students by the poor, young, under-privileged african-american gentlemen. You figure it out..

  2. As a candidate, Sharpton is cool. :) In most of the debates, he’s come off as far less of a fuddy-dud when compared to the rest of the candidates. Plus, as dsewell mentioned, he handled those crazy LaRouchies when none of the other eight candidates were able to do so. If for no other reason, he’s great to have in the race for entertainment value.

  3. Howard Dean for President!

    Go Sox! (It’s headed to the 11th inning of game 7 right now).

    That being said, I love having Sharpton in the race. Not only does he keep things interesting, but I love it when Reverend Sharpton can answer Bush’s scripture with scripture of his own.

  4. No argument that the guy is entertaining. Personally, though, I’d rather have a Democrat in the White House than be entertained during the campaign. Sharpton’s histrionics (and history) detract from the perceived legitimacy of the rest of the Democratic field. Guilt by association.

    Sharpton should put his considerable energies into getting the vote out for an electable candidate. IMHO.

  5. Never said he was a viable candidate. Or that I wanted him to be Prez. I thought the Howard Dean reference would make that clear.

  6. Understood. The point I was trying to make is that as long as Sharpton is a candidate, the viable Democratic candidates are going to suffer. Conservative commentators love having him in the race because they can paint the whole Democratic field with the Sharpton brush. Just as (for many) the label “Republican” may conjure up an image of (insert your scary ultra-right-wing demagogue here), instead of a more moderate right-of-center type, the label “Democrat” is going to conjure up an image of Sharpton instead of one of the candidates who would otherwise have a snowball’s chance of being elected. As a result, they will either vote for the Shrub or stay home.

    Realistically I don’t see a whole heck of a lot that can be done about it, though. I can’t see Sharpton giving up his time in the limelight voluntarily.

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