Lundy ‘Hate Crime’ Case Before a Grand Jury

Belle writes: A federal grand jury has been convened in Charlottesville to hear the testimony of witnesses who might know something about the alleged attack of February 26th on Daisy Lundy, who was then a candidate in a hotly contested UVa Student Council run-off election. Alexis Unkovic has the story in today’s Cavalier Daily.

6 thoughts on “Lundy ‘Hate Crime’ Case Before a Grand Jury”

  1. warning: all heavy-set thin guys with backpacks should stay indoors. the grand jury might be out looking for you!

  2. I am afraid that some of my friends who check out books at the local library might be look at because they fit the description.

  3. Guess what, kids? The Regress is reporting that there’s a grand jury investigation! Next it will appear on Channel 29News!

    Up the food chain . . .

    (I didn’t even spot the pretense of anything new in the DP article.)

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