30,000 lbs of Chicken on Rt. 64

Yesterday afternoon, a tractor trailer overturned, dumping its 30,000 pound load of semi-rotten chicken across a forty-foot stretch of Rt. 64 at exit 121. The chicken parts were being taken to the Valley Proteins processing plant in Linville, to be turned into dog food for Alpo, Heinz and Ralston-Purina. The smell was so bad that one onlooker actually vomited. The accident was the result of a driver hydroplaning off of the exit and onto the highway, and then colliding with the truck. Claudia Pinto has the story in today’s Progress.

6 thoughts on “30,000 lbs of Chicken on Rt. 64”

  1. So there’s one less container hauling putrified fowl carcasses to rendering plants over the moutains and unable to return a load of fresh chicken meat from Valley slaughterhouses in the same, spoiled vessel to our supermarket shelves.

    No tears shed here.

  2. I guess you could say someone dumped their load and there were some stiff cocks lying around!!

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