BOS Candidates All Talking Growth

There’s one issue that all six candidates for the three open Albemarle County Board of Supervisors seats have in common: growth. They all agree that the county’s rural nature is being threatened by suburbanization, and they all agree that some sort of growth limitation is necessary. From there, though, opinions diverge, as Wyant and Strucko (White Hall); Hallock and Boyd (Rivanna); and Dorrier and Fletcher (Scottsville) seek to distance themselves from their respective opponents. In today’s Progress, David Dadurka has a rundown of all the candidates’ positions on the topic.

4 thoughts on “BOS Candidates All Talking Growth”

  1. It sounds to me from reading the article, everyone is saying what they think the ‘majority’ wants to hear.

  2. From the Regress article:

    “In the Rivanna District, candidates Kenneth C. Boyd and Peter G. Hallock differ sharply on how the county should increase its business sector.

    “The fact is we are bleeding jobs,” Boyd, a financial planner and School Board member, said of the area’s increasing unemployment rate.

    Hallock, who said he has been accused of being a “no-growth” advocate, said he is “all for keeping businesses” in the county.”

    Here’s my favorite part:

    “But, he added, “I don’t want to go out and recruit large corporations.” Rather, he said, he would support start-up businesses. Hallock owns and operates the Garden Shop, a local nursery, with his wife.”

    OK, so he wants primarily low paying jobs? Hey, dude – most startups don’t pay CRAP and work the hell out of their employees. We need HIGH PAYING jobs so we can afford the ridiculously overpriced housing here, that the County has encouraged, either on purpose or not.

    I wonder what the highest paid employee makes at “The Garden Shop”? Enough to buy the average $200,000+ house in Albemarle? I doubt it. So, unless Boyd is prepared to lead by example and give all of his employees raises, he should shut the hell up about what kinds of businesses the County needs.

    Sure – big companies can pay crap, too. But very few small businesses (doctors and lawyers aside) can afford to pay the 60,70,80k a year you need to own a home around here. Even 1400 sq. foot duplexes are $185,000 in most neighborhoods.

  3. Sorry – typo. Hallock owns the nursey and made the quoted comments. Sorry for the mistype.

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