City Solicits Donations

The City of Charlottesville has launched a new program to seek addition revenue. Through their “Friends of Charlottesville” program, they’re asking for donations from the general public. It is not uncommon for people to declare that they would happily pay a little extra for a particular service, but there’s never been a means to follow through and make that possible. Council — both the Democrats and the Republican — support the program, believing that this program will not only provide an outlet for those people, but hopefully help the city get state and federal grants by allowing them to demonstrate community support. Liz Nelson has the story in today’s Progress.

One thought on “City Solicits Donations”

  1. Richards said "the program is not an excuse for the city to back out of its financial commitments"

    O’Connell said that "if the community showed a lot of support for a program, the city could reevaluate its contribution"

    My summary:

    "If we collect enough money we`ll back out of our financial commitments."

    And that, dear voters, is your lesson in political speak for today.

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