Charges Filed Against UVa Attackers

Two Charlottesville residents have been arrested and charged with mob assault, active participation in a criminal street gang, and recruitment of a juvenile to join a street gang, following an attack on two UVa students two weeks ago. According to Chief Longo, 27-year-old Paul Jones and the 17-year-old selected their victims at random, an assertion that runs contrary to initial reports. A third suspect is wanted, 18-year-old Dustin Knighton. Each have been identified as members of the “D-Block” gang. Reed Williams had the story in today’s Progress.

4 thoughts on “Charges Filed Against UVa Attackers”

  1. … or never have been sent their in the first place. D Block refers to Albemarle/Cville Joint Security Complex (or whatever its called now) D block. Most likely these guys spent some time there on drug charges and made friends with other homiez doing time. Makes you think what we’re creating in this country – productive citizens!?!

  2. Is my memory playing tricks or did I dream in the recent past (year or so) a quote from the police to the effect "we have no organized gangs in Charlottesville" ?

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