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Aurora visible from Charlottesville

Lafe writes: Last night, between about 8:00 and 8:30p, Charlottesville was treated to a fine view of the Aurora Borealis. It started with a red glow that transormed into a beautiful “curtain” of red and white light. It appeared to move from the north to the south, over a period of about half an hour. Space Weather is saying that another CME offers Charlottesville another shot at seeing the Northern Lights in our skies tonight and tomorrow night. So go outside and look up!

Post some pictures!

Bears Wandering Around Town

For the past week a bear — or possibly two bears — have been wandering around Charlottesville, mostly around Rugby Road. On the 22nd, a bear was cornered by police officers, but got spooked when somebody took a flash photo of it, so an officer shot it twice. The bear spotted since then has shown no sign of being injured, leading to speculation that there may be two separate bears. A wildlife biologist is on call, and it’s hoped that the bear(s) can be tranquilized and released outside of the city. Elizabeth Nelson has the story in today’s Progress. If you see the bear, please call police, and look after him on behalf of Aunt Lucy. No flash photography, please.

Parent Opposes Rainbow Triangles at WAHS

In an effort to designate a supporting environment for gay students at Western Albemarle High School, some guidance counselors have put a rainbow triangle on their door. It was less than two years ago that the school board expanded their anti-discrimination rules to cover sexual orientation, a move that was prompted by anti-gay sentiments and even violence among some students. Parent Biff Rossberg wants the triangles to come down, calling them “a back-handed way of working around the requirements for getting sexuality information into the family life education curriculum.” He describes homosexuality as “immoral” and an “aberration,” complains that “this is so agenda driven,” and, believing the triangles may encourage homosexuality, asserts that girls are “making out in the cafeteria,” but goes on to say “I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body.” At-large school board candidate Linda McRaven agrees with Rossberg, while her opponent, Brian Wheeler, dissents. Says school superintendent Kevin Castner of the triangles: “They don’t promote anything other than a safe harbor for kids.” He’s ruled that the triangles aren’t going anywhere, but Rossberg intends to take his case to the school board. Lisa Provence has the story in this week’s Hook. 10/28/03 Update: Rossberg has commented extensively in response to this story.

MusicToday Expanding to ConAgra Plant

Coran Capshaw and Dave Matthews Band’s MusicToday have announced that they are moving their ticketing operations from their Ivy location to the former ConAgra plant in Crozet, which Capshaw bought in early 2001. He had long sought to find a frozen-food company to occupy the space, but was unsuccessful in doing so. The company is considering moving all of their operations from their buildings in the Ivy Business Park to the unusual structure, but that is currently undecided. David Dadurka has the story in today’s Progress.

Gordonsville Officer Disappears, Reappears

Gordonsville police officer Emerson Brown failed to come home from work on Friday, October 10th. When he didn’t turn up, an expensive, intensive search was launched. Searchers found him early Monday morning in Fredericksburg, where police reported that he had not been kidnapped, and that his gun was missing. What had led him to Gordonsville was unknown, but the Orange County Sheriff was more worried about missing service weapon, which the sheriff said had not been “forcibly taken” taken from him. Now the sheriff has launched an investigation, and Officer Brown is saying that he was on a private mission to find two people that had stolen his gun at gunpoint. (Presumably, that’s two different guns.) Nobody’s buying his story, and he’s been suspended from the force. No charges have been filed yet. Two points to the first person who connects Officer Brown to ex-deputy Stephen Shiflett.



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