Aurora visible from Charlottesville

Lafe writes: Last night, between about 8:00 and 8:30p, Charlottesville was treated to a fine view of the Aurora Borealis. It started with a red glow that transormed into a beautiful “curtain” of red and white light. It appeared to move from the north to the south, over a period of about half an hour. Space Weather is saying that another CME offers Charlottesville another shot at seeing the Northern Lights in our skies tonight and tomorrow night. So go outside and look up!

Post some pictures!

5 thoughts on “Aurora visible from Charlottesville”

  1. Note: Post some pictures!

    I would if I had been able to get any! Unfortunately, I don’t own any cameras at this time.

    Did anyone else out there see it last night? And/or get pictures?

  2. I was outside LOOKING at the stars (it was a clear night) and didn’t see anything. Maybe it was a little too early. If I see anything tonight I’ll try to take pictures.

    Coronal Mass Ejections rock!

  3. Last night was a bust for me as well. At one point I thought I could kinda see a reddish glow to the northeast, but it was probably just wishful thinking.

    I’ll try again tonight though…

  4. A friend of mine from Greene county said he was able to see red "curtains" and "ribbons" in the sky around 7:30p or so. I was out at that time and was unable to see it from C’ville.

  5. My 7-year-old daughter spotted it first as she came in from town with her mother. "There’s something red in the sky!" Went out to investigate and it was almost scary… like a red cloud with a white edge, as though a spotlight was going up on the western edge of the redness. The sky was otherwise pretty black, so the deep red was striking.

    We live west of Free Union near Buck Mountain. The Aurora was visible north and west of us, over Dyke! I called a friend in Earlysville but he couldn’t see it. Very kewl to see the Aurora Borealis.

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