Camblos: Shiflett Investigation Still Open

Commonweath’s Attorney Jim Camblos says that the investigation into former Deputy Stephen Shiflett’s alleged shooting by a black man is still open. Camblos says that he wants to see “appropriate charges brought against that person or persons who has broken the law.” Camblos has thus far refused to charge Shiflett, and there had not previously been any indication that the case remained open. The Progress filed a FOIA request with Albemarle for the investigative report that police had provided to Camblos Reed, but it was denied by the county. Williams had the story way back on the 9th. (Ntelos can’t installed my phone line/DSL at my new place in Blacksburg until this weekend at the earliest, so I have to steal bandwidth here and there. I don’t know the area very well yet, so it’s only every couple of days that I can get on-line.)

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