Owen Young Found?

eattheyuppies writes: Back in January a well-known local professional, Owen Young, suddenly went missing. There was a flurry of media reports on his case, including some chatter on cvillenews. Some of the reports cited a claim that a suspicious black man was seen driving Mr. Young’s car. (It’s always the black male who gets blamed, ain’t it Shiflett?!) Members of Young’s church eventually held a memorial service for him and many gave him up for dead. Fast forward 7 months. Over a week ago, there was a small blurb in the Daily Progress saying that Young had turned up safe and sound in Tampa, FL. It seems odd that there has been no other public discussion of this rather remarkable turn of events, no chatter here on cvillenews, no follow-up articles in the Hook, no nothing. Isn’t anyone curious to know what this guy’s been up to these 7 months, why and how he disappeared and abandoned his life here and all of his commitments here, what the reaction of his family and friends has been to this news, etc., etc.? Is he a great swindler, did he have a fit of amnesia, or…? Inquiring minds want to know!

If somebody could provide a citation for this Progress blurb — or, better yet, a full quote — it’d be appreciated, since I didn’t see it and it’s not on their website.

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