Pres. Bush Visiting in January

dead_american writes: Found elsewhere: “Just came back from the anti-war, etc., coalition at the Little Flower Catholic Farm and the above subject was dicussed. Although this event will coincide with the Jan. 18 anti-war protest in DC, I think Bush’s Monticello appearance and the demostration which will follows for Virginians is more immediately related.” Personally, I wish he’d go to Waynesboro instead. He’s just gonna clog up traffic and walk around looking goofy. It might be enough to make TJ come back from the dead and thwack his butt, though.

The quoted text is from from an anti-war mailing list, in case it’s not obvious. :) Does anybody know anything more about the president’s planned visit?

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  1. I don’t know anything about his visit. But it makes little sense, fund raising? Schmozing? I don’t know… Usually presidents go to meet people, not un-lived-in-historical-houses.

    Maybe it’ll be on TV, and give cville some good PR. Traffic? Please, its not like he’s bringing 20,000 students along with him all on the same day or anything like that.

  2. On January 18th, Monticello will host the Commencement of the National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration. The president has been invited to speak. I don’t believe there’s been any public announcement as to whether he’s accepted or declined the invitation, but I suspect that any such announcement would be delayed until as late as possible for security concerns.

    I remember what security was like at Monticello on July 4, 2001, when Madeleine Albright spoke there. Can you imagine what it’ll be like if George Bush shows up?

  3. Maybe it’ll be on TV, and give cville some good PR.

    He’ll be using cville as further patriot wrapping paper, more likely.

  4. Come on down! The last couple of Presidents(Clinton, George 41 and Reagan) have all made it to our fair city. It’s an honor to have the sitting President visit. I don’t know if Nobel boy Carter ever visited us while president and Clinton was actually President -Elect but I think that still counts.

  5. Clinton was here when he was president as well. You just didn’t know about it. He even went skiing at Wintergreen with Chelsea.


  6. I think Bill Clinton attended a fund-raising dinner at Patricia Kluge’s estate during his presidency, as well.

    I reckon my invitation was lost in the mail.

  7. It’s an honor to have the sitting President visit.

    If one likes a corrupt, nepotic despot, I guess it’s an honor.

  8. When one wins an election they were not given the office so "nepotic despot" is just name calling. Your obvious hatred of Bush makes real dicussion about this subject limited. If he comes to c-ville go and protest. If you don’t want war that’s great.

    By the way despot don’t hold election unless their the only one on the ballot, communist russia and Saddam come to mind.

  9. When one wins an election they were not given the office so “nepotic despot” is just name calling.

    He didn’t win. He subverted the process.

    If I wanted to call names, “nepotic despot” wouldn’t be it.

    He won’t be leaving in 2004. Your faith in the American electoral system is rather touching, though.

  10. FYI- I just heard on WVTF this morning that Bush has other commitments, so he won’t be attending the event.

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