Four More Brown Schools Violations

Adolescent mental health center The Brown Schools of Virginia, whose pattern of human rights violations has been something like a train wreck in slow motion, has been given with another four citations by state inspectors, bringing them up to 107 in the past 23 months. This time, two kids were beaten with belts (the incidents going unreported to authorities), employees were found sleeping on the job, and it was found that patients were being restrained improperly. Looking on the sunny side, a state authority says that things are better than earlier in the years, when “there was a complete breakdown in treatment.” The Brown Schools had a grand reopening in May, renaming themselves from the Millmont Center because, in the words of their CEO, “a name change is a good way to visibly signal a fresh start.” Claudia Pinto, who has been following the story, has this latest chapter in today’s Progress.

7 thoughts on “Four More Brown Schools Violations”

  1. This sounds like a machine designed to suck money out of insurance companies. Are there any DOCTORS there? What happened to "do no harm"???? Why have they not be sued senseless yet? Why have medical licenses not been revoked? This is NOT A HOSPITAL.

    It is a prison for children. Plain and simple, if it advertised as such, all these activities would be acceptable. Problem solved.

    Mental hospitals dont burn themselves down, quit whining and take some action people :)

    * The poster does not advocate arson of mental institutions or anything else for that matter. Your actions are your own responsibility. Ad nauseum, magna ***** laute, wash with like colors in warm water, not for human consumption, contents may settle during shipping. Sealed for your protection.

  2. The place really has gotten out of hand (as we all seem to note every time they get another round of human rights citations). I think that this is the part where we’re all supposed to descend on the building with torches and pitchforks.

    Seriously, I think that it is only a matter of time before they kill a child. With the pattern that they have established, one day I think that we will all check and find that some kid was found dead in a broom closet wrapped in duct tape or something.

    Someone who is willing to beat a child, rape a child and lock a child in a closet will eventually kill one. That is the Brown School all over- they have the opportunity every day. Shut this place down before they kill somebody.

  3. Actually, article says the money comes from the State and from Medicaid. This is yet more (and we’ll see more) of gov’t turning to private companies, which do a worse job, with less acountability, than those awful "bureaucracies." Worse yet, they pay lower wages, with the fat going to the owners. I don’t see how this benifits society at all. What magic efficiency is "competition" fostering here?

    The free market belongs in hte free market; I’m fine with that. It does not belong in general health care, prisons, general education, social services, or the miltary.

    Saw an article last week or so about this new Child Treatment industry. Can’t find it now! Didn’t it say this industry is run by a lot of failed prison entrepreneurs, after that business went soft? Was it in the Washington Post?

    Prepare for more. Bush wants to privatize — read impoverish — six or seven hundred thousand federal jobs. The campaign-connected contractors will rake in the dought, and the gov’t will pay as much or more for the services. Enron without stock options.

  4. Clarification:

    The article says the money comes from the State and from Medicaid, not from private insurance.

  5. Insurance, the state and federal government, either way we all pay for it.

    I was just guessing it was insurance bilking, most people who would have their children locked up aren’t the type to pay for it.

    Yeah, that doesnt suprise me, it sounds like a prison to me. What does this "school" teach? That adults are evil? Great… that’ll pump out some highly motivated criminals… Who grow up and become fodder for "them" to make more profits running more prisons… hmmm go figure.

    The gears of the military/industrial/entertainment complex continue to turn, unabated.

  6. An average of one human rights violation per week, and there is "a waiting list of people wanting to place their children"? Who are these people? Can other facilities possibly be worse?

  7. It’s probably a lawyer telling them the get the kid in treatment center or the judge will put him in a juvenile correctional facility. But I’m just guessing. About ten years ago the airwaves were full of ads about why you should put your kid in a mental hospital. Those ads have gone away as the economics have changed — private insurance covers less such care, other health plans even less, eh?

    Note private companies that do this kind of business are stocked with people who used to work for the gov’t or otherwise know the system from the inside.

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