Four More Brown Schools Violations

Adolescent mental health center The Brown Schools of Virginia, whose pattern of human rights violations has been something like a train wreck in slow motion, has been given with another four citations by state inspectors, bringing them up to 107 in the past 23 months. This time, two kids were beaten with belts (the incidents going unreported to authorities), employees were found sleeping on the job, and it was found that patients were being restrained improperly. Looking on the sunny side, a state authority says that things are better than earlier in the years, when “there was a complete breakdown in treatment.” The Brown Schools had a grand reopening in May, renaming themselves from the Millmont Center because, in the words of their CEO, “a name change is a good way to visibly signal a fresh start.” Claudia Pinto, who has been following the story, has this latest chapter in today’s Progress.

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