IFC Clears Blackface Party

UVa’s Inter-Fraternity Council has ruled that Zeta Phi members attending the Kappa Alpha Order Halloween party in blackface were engaging in expression protected under the First Amendment, and thus will not be charged with disorderly conduct. IFC did, however, condemn the behavior, saying that the partygoers had “an apparent historical blindness and lack of sensitivity,” recommending that the frats discipline and educate their members. The Post had the story yesterday.

4 Responses to “IFC Clears Blackface Party”

  • Lars says:

    I don’t feel it is appropriate to use the title "IFC Clears Blackface Party"

    It was a Halloween party. Not a blackface party.

  • mmike87 says:

    Yes, but it sounds much more dramatic this way, and the extra hype helps boost the perceived sensitivity.

  • Lars says:

    Think of all the significant life-changing events that happened this week. None of them made it to this site. The news isn’t news if it isnt a juicy soap-opera type event.

    I was visiting the UVA ER this week, and they told me a woman was TRAMPLED at wal-mart on friday. Thats our society in a nutshell if you ask me. Who cares about the sanctity of human life, we can get cheap televisions!

  • BurntHombre says:

    How much were the televisions?

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