Det. Robinson Fired…Again

Albemarle detective K.W. Robinson has been fired by Chief John Miller for excessive use of force during an interrogation of suspect Corey Faison, in addition to breaking other unspecified rules during the arrest and questioning. Robinson was convicted of assault in late August. In 1991, Robinson was fired for the same reason, though he appealed his case and was subsequently rehired. It is expected that Robinson will challenge Chief Miller’s decision. Reed Williams has the story in today’s Progress.

2 thoughts on “Det. Robinson Fired…Again”

  1. If he’s really fired, right on Chief!

    If he’s going to be rehired yet again… umm this is an atrocity, I cant believe such a valiant public servant would be injustly accused like this! :)

    If you liked this comment, My name is Lars. If you didn’t like it, my name is Waldo :)

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