7 thoughts on “Top 10 Places to Have Sex at UVa”

  1. Yeah, I’m sick of those damn roommates coughing loudly, tossing and turning, and walking around in some sort of indian rain dance in an attempt to get me to stop having sex with their roommate.

    But you know, the dec just wishes they could get some readership, when was the last time YOU read it? You cant blame them can you?

    Waldo, how about some pics of that skinny ass of yours on the front page? Wooo!

  2. To correct the metanews post just slightly, it’s a list of the top ten public places to have sex at UVa. And it hardly rivals Opie and Anthony for “daring” — the author listed neither The Lawn itself nor the Rotunda balcony, two places I thought every adventurous young Charlottesville couple had tried. The most daring I’ve heard yet, however, is in the lap of Jefferson himself (the statue, that is — on the front steps of the Rotunda).

  3. wow…that’s the first time i’ve read the Dec in quite a while. glad to see it’s still as lame as ever.

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