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White Supremacists Demand Hate Crime Charges

David Duke’s European-American Unity and Rights Organization is demanding that the six black high schoolers accused of attacking white UVa students be charged with committing hate crimes. Says a EURO rep, “there is a lack of fairness in enforcing the hate-crimes laws and if they are not going to apply it fairly, it shouldn’t be a law.” Adrienne Schwisow has the story in today’s Progress.

Albemarle Schools to Increase Pay Raise

Due to increased property tax values in Albemarle County, the school system is receiving about $886,000 more than they had expected. The school board is proposing that this money be used to increase the size of the planned pay increase from 2% to 3% – 3.3%. The total increased income from taxes is $1.3M, but the county is getting $440,000 less from the state, so the balance comes to that $886,000 excess. Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.

C’ville’s 2002 Budget Looking Tight

City Manager Gary O’Connell reported at last night’s City Council meeting that things are looking bad for the upcoming ~$80M budget. Due to state shortfalls, city schools will be losing $750,000, police $60,000, and social services programs $913,000. Library funding could be down by as much as 25% and funding for the state’s six-year transportation plan by 50%. Jake Mooney has the story in today’s Progress.

City Funds Public Art

Council decided 5-0 on Monday evening to continue funding for Art in Place for a second year. The public art program has placed seven sculptures around Charlottesville in locations where they would receive the most exposure from passers-by, in an effort to make art accessible to the general public. Two of those sculptures didn’t last more than a few months prior to being removed due to vandalism. The city will be spending $10,000 to support the program for FY2002, expanding the number of installments to ten. WVIR had the story on this evening’s broadcast.

DMB Donates $20k to Skate Park

The McIntire Skateboard Park will continue to be free to its users. The park, which was created after the city banned skating on the Downtown Mall in the mid-90s, is expensive to operate, and it had been speculated that user fees might be necessary. Now that won’t be necessary, thanks in part to a $20,000 donation from Dave Matthews Band, Charlottesville’s newest philanthropists. The remainder of the necessary funding will be covered by the city and Albemarle County. WVIR had the news on this evening’s broadcast.



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