DMB Donates $20k to Skate Park

The McIntire Skateboard Park will continue to be free to its users. The park, which was created after the city banned skating on the Downtown Mall in the mid-90s, is expensive to operate, and it had been speculated that user fees might be necessary. Now that won’t be necessary, thanks in part to a $20,000 donation from Dave Matthews Band, Charlottesville’s newest philanthropists. The remainder of the necessary funding will be covered by the city and Albemarle County. WVIR had the news on this evening’s broadcast.

7 thoughts on “DMB Donates $20k to Skate Park”

  1. What I meant was that they are the newest philanthropists, not that they are new at giving away money. For example, Kluge has long been a philanthropist. Let’s pretend for 50 years. And let’s pretend that, say, the Bronfmans have been for 30 years. DMB has been in the philanthropy business for, say, 5 years. That would make them Charlottesville’s newest philanthropists.

    That’s all I meant. It was just a method of acknolwedging that they are not only philanthropists, but part of a new crop of them coming up in the world, the newest here in Charlottesville. It was an extremely minor aside. :)

  2. Waldo – you’re running for public office: There’s no such thing as a minor aside! And if it was an extremely minor aside, does that make you an extremist?

    It sure would be interesting to see the other candidates post regular statements to a public forum. Of course, that assumes Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous haven’t already been doing so!

  3. Everyone knows Waldo never passes up an opportunity to ride on DMB’s coattails. Kinda like the C-ville, but at least Waldo’s professional about it.

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