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Jefferson School and the Washington Post

Big_Al writes: Interesting article about the Jefferson School debate in today’s Washington Post. It seems to spell out most of the issues better than what I’ve seen in the local media.

Full disclosure: this reporter is a candidate for Charlottesville City Council. I’m told that this coverage is courtesy of City Council candidate Alexandria Searls, who convinced the Post to come down here and do the story.

UVa Attackers Arrested

Six African-American high school-aged teenagers have been arrested and charged with a series of unprovoked assults of UVa students in the previous weeks. The two females and four males have apparently confessed, saying that they chose their victims because they were white. WINA has a brief story, but the full coverage can be found in Adrienne Schwisow’s story in Sunday’s Progress.

UVa Gear Makers Agree to Ethical Code

UVa, under pressure from the UVa chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops, has adopted a policy that requires licensed manufactuers of UVa goods to agree to a code of ethical conduct. That code requires public disclosure of factory locations, permitting members to form unions, no forced labor, protections for women’s rights, and a number of other things. Eric Swensen has the story in today’s Progress.

Candidate Ewert Proposes New Parkway Plan

City Council candidate Bern Ewert has proposed a new design for the Meadowcreek Parkway that he believes is superior to the current plan. It calls for the road to follow the railroad tracks, sending the road between CHS and their athletic fields, and under a proposed bridge for Melbourne Road. Ewert says that his plan “clearly is much better for the environment and clearly is more efficient,” but BOS Chairman Sally Thomas argues that his design an expressway, not a parkway, and says of the current plan that “this wasn’t just a couple of people sitting down and doodling on a map. It’s been a very carefully thought-out design by some of the nation’s best designers of parkways.” The story, and a map of Ewert’s proposal, is in today’s Progress.

Full disclosure: this reporter is a candidate for Charlottesville City Council.

19 Applicants for Police Advisory Committee

The newly-created Albemarle County Police Oversight Committee has gotten applications for membership from nineteen county residents. Applicants include the president of Shoppers World, a former associate dean of students from UVa, the owner of Putt Putt, former sheriff Terry Hawkins and civil rights activist Rev. Dr. Henry Silva. The three-person panel will have input on police policies, and review non-confidental data. Peter Savodnik has the story in today’s Progress.



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