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Albemarle Nixes Sex Ed. Film

School officials have decided not to allow the Albemarle School Board to consider the adoption of a sex ed film, entitled “Rubber Glove of Love,” for the curriculum. The film became available for viewing last week, as is required before being voted on by the board, and ended up prompting objections from parents. The 18-minute film portrays teenaged couple Jill and Bill discussing sex, and shows several potential scenarios, including one in which they decide to merely kiss, and another in which they go to the drug store and buy condoms and whipped cream. Asks concerned resident Bonnie Bossi, “Why not save yourself for marriage?” Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.

New CTS Buses

As of today, Charlottesville Transit Service has some new buses on the roads. WINA describes them as “euro-style,” given their small size, bike racks and wheelchair accessibility. They also use clean-burning diesel, like some other city buses. Best of all, 95% of their cost is paid for by state and federal money.

No Longer Linking to City Pages

A quick bit of meta-news. is no longer going to link to any of Charlottesville’s webpages, because it’s proved to not work. The addresses of their pages continually change, becoming increasingly bizarre each time. So a link to the Charlottesville Transit Service would have been (logically) a few months ago, the confusing as of a week or two ago, and today it’s (I swear I’m not making this up) This shifting landscape of URLs makes our links worthless almost as soon as we put them in a story, and updating them retroactively has proved not only exhausting, but also to be a merely temporary solution, because they simply change again. Consequently, no more links to the city’s sites. Please accept my apologies for the inevitable inconvenience.



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