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Matthews Buys Kluge/UVa Land

Dave Matthews is now one of the county’s biggest landowners — he’s spent $5.3M to buy 1,261 acres of the 7,379 acres that local billionaire John Kluge donated to the University last May. UVa is selling off much of the land to fund the eventual development of the core of the property, and there were concerns that the land could be purchased by a developer. Matthews has announced that he intends to preserve farming and forest lands on his five new farms, and will place an open-space easement on the farms. Eric Swensen has the story in today’s Progress.

Most Bloomfield Cases Have Been Investigated

The UVa Honor Committee has looked into 139 of the 158 cases resulting from Professor Louis Bloomfield’s plagiarism accusations last May. 25 of the accused left UVa after admitting their guilt, 13 were convicted at trial and expelled, two were found not guilty, and 80 of the investigated cases were dropped.The remaining few cases should be finished by April 1st. Eric Swensen has the story in today’s Progress.

Caravati, Searls Win Dem. Council Nominations

Mayor Blake Caravati and newcomer Alexandria Searls were the winners of today’s Democratic nominating caucus for City Council. Voting went for remarkable four rounds, and it was not until the third that the first winner, Blake Caravati, emerged. The entire event lasted nearly five hours. No doubt all of the relevant information will be on George Loper’s website soon, including the exact tallies for each round of voting. The City Council election will be held on May 8th.

Democratic Council Nomination Tomorrow

Tomorrow, at 10am at Charlottesville High School’s Performing Arts Center, is the Democratic nominating convention for City Council. There are six candidates seeking two seats: Mayor Blake Caravati, Bern Ewert, Joan Fenton, Waldo Jaquith (me), Alexandria Searls and David Simmons. If you plan to attend, you should be there by 9:30. Child care will be provided on-site. As always, the most in-depth information on the race and the candidates can be found on George Loper’s site. Jake Mooney has the story in today’s Daily Progress. Jake Mooney and the Progress, by the way, wins this year’s “Best Council Coverage” award, which I just now invented.

Full disclosure: This reporter is a candidate for Charlottesville City Council. You know, in case you thought that was some other Waldo.

Fluvanna Passes Dead-Cow Law

The Fluvanna Supervisors have passed a new law that makes anybody that kills a cow responsible for the inevitable clean-up. The law was prompted after a train hit a cow near Bremo Bluff — CSX paid for the cow, but didn’t bother to haul it off. WINA has the story.



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