Most Bloomfield Cases Have Been Investigated

The UVa Honor Committee has looked into 139 of the 158 cases resulting from Professor Louis Bloomfield’s plagiarism accusations last May. 25 of the accused left UVa after admitting their guilt, 13 were convicted at trial and expelled, two were found not guilty, and 80 of the investigated cases were dropped.The remaining few cases should be finished by April 1st. Eric Swensen has the story in today’s Progress.

One thought on “Most Bloomfield Cases Have Been Investigated”

  1. It’s surprising that no one has commented on the fact that several people are claiming some sort of mental illness/diminished mental capacity asa defense on their honor code charge. I’m curious as to what they mean by this?

    What’s interesting is that in Kansas where the teacher resigned rather than to give back grades on students who had copied deliberately from a web site (the web site itself seemed be advertised as a cheat site), many of the parents do not understand what exactly is wrong with their kids did and think the punishment is too severe (they failed biology). I can remember being told in late elementary school that in preparing a book report, I had to come up with my own language and not copy from the book.

    Add up the transgressions of Doris Kearns Goodwin and Stephen Ambrose and wonder. In today’s NY Times, a letter to editor says whose work is it when you borrow from others and you depend on research assistants to prepare your work.

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