Democratic Council Nomination Tomorrow

Tomorrow, at 10am at Charlottesville High School’s Performing Arts Center, is the Democratic nominating convention for City Council. There are six candidates seeking two seats: Mayor Blake Caravati, Bern Ewert, Joan Fenton, Waldo Jaquith (me), Alexandria Searls and David Simmons. If you plan to attend, you should be there by 9:30. Child care will be provided on-site. As always, the most in-depth information on the race and the candidates can be found on George Loper’s site. Jake Mooney has the story in today’s Daily Progress. Jake Mooney and the Progress, by the way, wins this year’s “Best Council Coverage” award, which I just now invented.

Full disclosure: This reporter is a candidate for Charlottesville City Council. You know, in case you thought that was some other Waldo.

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