7 thoughts on “Fluvanna Passes Dead-Cow Law”

  1. But the cow would HAVE to be trespassing in order to be hit by a train! Isn’t it the cow owner’s fault? I dont want a bunch of cows wandering into my yard, eating something they shouldn’t, then keeling over! Screw that!

  2. You are right. The cow is trespassing, it should be up to the owner to keep his animals under control .

  3. How many cattle per year are killed this way?

    I’m familiar with this line of track and the speed of trains on it. I can’t figure out why the cow couldn’t get out of the way of the oncoming train. . . unless it had gotten a hoof stuck or was “down” with colic or other life-threatening sickness. Perhaps, even, the cow was already dead. A compensation-claim conspiracy?!

    And, trust me, such a carcass doesn’t last long with scavengers around.

  4. That’s for sure. We have over 100 turkey vultures roosting in our backyards, right in the middle of the city.

  5. So those things in front of the train are called “cow catchers” but should they really be called cow killers. Another oxymoron slips by an unsuspecting public.

    The outrage, the inhumanity, and most importantly the free steak!

  6. I saw a good group of 100 turkey vultures in the city a few weeks ago, it was surreal. What brings them here? The thermals? These animals usually like to live cliffside, for the free lift that the upwind side of hills give.

  7. Darn, I thought this was a pro- or anti-dead cow. As in a “dead cow in every pot” kind of law. Bummer, dude.

    Just remember, when dead cows are outlawed, only outlaws will have dead cows.

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