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Tax Assessments Up 10%

Yearly assessments for property taxes are going out now, and they’re up, on average, 10%. In some areas, like North Downtown, Venable, Rugby and Belmont, they’ve gone up even more. WINA has the story.

Jefferson School Plans on Hold

City Councilors Blake Caravati and Maurice Cox announced yesterday that they’re putting development plans for the Jefferson School on hold. Council was entertaining the notion of selling the historic downtown school to private developers, but community concerns have led them to put off a formal decision on the topic.

UVa to Demolish Trax, Max

UVa plans to purchase and demolish Trax and Max to expand the hospital complex. They’re buying the clubs for $1.2M. Trax is famed for being where Dave Matthews Band played during their early days, and it long served as the most popular musical venue in Charlottesville, hosting many national touring acts since its 1982 opening. Though Max occasionally had larger acts, it was more well-known for its country line dancing. Trax was sold in July, and the new owner was to have opened it last fall. The Cavalier Daily has the story.

Students Attacked in 3 Incidents

Over a two-week period, three separate attacks have occurred against UVa students. In all cases, large groups of black attackers have attacked individuals or small groups of students, in some cases resulting in hospitalization. None of the attacks appeared to be provoked or motivated by anything other than a desire to harm the students. There are no suspects in the attacks, and it is not known if they are related. Today’s Progress has the story.

Council Candidates’ Forum Wednesday Night

On Thursday night, from 7pm-9pm, the first City Council candidates’ forum will be held. It will be held in the auditorium of the Jefferson School, and the topics will include affordable housing, the living wage, worker rights in a right-to-work state, poverty, crime, economic development, and/or the state of race relations in Charlottesville. In addition, there will be a half hour when the audience can ask questions of the candidates. 9:27pm Update: The forum is on Wednesday night, as per the headline, not Thursday. Sorry about that.

Full disclosure: This reporter is a candidate for Charlottesville City Council.



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