UVa to Demolish Trax, Max

UVa plans to purchase and demolish Trax and Max to expand the hospital complex. They’re buying the clubs for $1.2M. Trax is famed for being where Dave Matthews Band played during their early days, and it long served as the most popular musical venue in Charlottesville, hosting many national touring acts since its 1982 opening. Though Max occasionally had larger acts, it was more well-known for its country line dancing. Trax was sold in July, and the new owner was to have opened it last fall. The Cavalier Daily has the story.

15 thoughts on “UVa to Demolish Trax, Max”

  1. I enjoyed — in various states of disrepair — many shows at Trax. Among the memorable were those by Burning Spear, Béla Fleck, Indecision, a sauced-up (but nonetheless talented) The Doors cover-band, and . . . oh, that other home-grown sensation . . . what’s the name?

  2. I have to say, I’ve seen about a dozen shows at Trax and was always really turned off by the pretty crummy atmosphere of the place and it’s moderate disrepair. I’m all about live music, but I never really liked Trax too much, so I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. Especially with Starr Hill getting better acts lately.

  3. Where does this leave the Music Resource Center? Last I checked (which was quite some time ago), they were upstairs of Trax. They’re getting relocated, right?

  4. yeah, Maxx was and is a dump. More or less a breeding ground for Jerry Springer show guests.

  5. It’s a shame Trax is closing. It’s a great venue for mid-sized acts, and I think the Charlottesville music scene will suffer it’s demise. I always hear people complain that it’s a dump. Those people are snobs. When you go to a rock show, it should be in an environment where you can sweat, spill beer, squash cigarettes on the floor, and maybe even see a good ol redneck brawl. It seems like Charlottesville wants all its entertainment packaged in “upscale” wrapping that makes people feel elite. Where will I wear my mullet and my jeans with the ripped-out knees?

  6. From what I hear, they will probably relocate but after spending about 100k on renovations that were supposedly going to be reimbursed, they might not be able to renovate yet another space.

  7. That building is historical and should be preserved! 35 years ago when it was “Bob Davis Wrecker” I spent many hours there sipping Bourbon with the mechanic Lindsay Jones and Bob Davis. Oh well, all things must change.

  8. Having attended over 300 live shows in numerous venues, Trax easily had the worst sound system. As a live music venue, it definitely won’t be missed by me.

    However, while Starr Hill tries to bring in decent acts, and often scores, their seating capacity makes it impossible for them to bring in many mid-level acts. Trax had a capacity of around 1,000, while Starr Hill tops out at 400. From that perspective, losing a mid-size venue is disappointing.

    Yet another case of UVA buying something of use and turning it into temporary storage.

  9. From the Cav Daily: “Ideally, the BOV would find another way to approach its hospital expansion so that it doesn’t take down history while temporarily storing construction supplies. But if nothing else occurs, the BOV ought to feel obliged to do something to rebuild what it’s destroying.”

  10. Just because something is old doesn’t make it “historical.” The City’s Board of Architectural Review hasn’t figured that out, either.

    Even the most rabid DMB fans would likely admit that the historical nature of the venue is limited, at best.

    Liverpool razed the Cavern Club, which arguably played a far, far greater role in the development of popular music than Trax did.

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