Jefferson School Plans on Hold

City Councilors Blake Caravati and Maurice Cox announced yesterday that they’re putting development plans for the Jefferson School on hold. Council was entertaining the notion of selling the historic downtown school to private developers, but community concerns have led them to put off a formal decision on the topic.

7 thoughts on “Jefferson School Plans on Hold”

  1. They are just being realistic. Even though he’s an incumbent Mayor, Caravati may actually lose the nomination. He better start parroting the Dems for Change or he’s not going to get the nomination. That shouldn’t be too hard for him. It was no problem for him to switch sides and become a Meadowcreek Parkway supporter in exchange for Toscano’s support for his bid for Mayor.

  2. Like I said, cynic… The Demos for Change think they control the strings, when in REALITY they are disfranchising many people’s voices by hogging the media spotlight… They resemble the stereotypcial Republican idea that everything happens behind closed doors… It is easy for some to sell out by riding along with the Demos for Change platform because they think they will win the nomination by doing so….

  3. Actually Dems for Change do control some strings and the nomination is the only real fight. No moderate republican will run because they have no chance. Republicans have won in the city when liberal independents have run. The indie’s take just enough of the vote-kinda of like Nader in Florida!

    As a republican I respect the intelligence of the Demos for Change for staying in the party. The only way Reps would have a chance is if a splinter group were to challege the Dems in a general election.

    But of course I will do nothing to desuade any liberal independent form asserting their constitutionally protected right to do so.

    Anybody want to start a Green party?- Please!

  4. Given enough time, the local Dems will surely whine their way into oblivion. I’ve always voted Democrat, but I even I can’t stomach this platform.

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