New Library Computer System

The library is upgrading their computer systems, WINA reports and the new features should be wicked cool. They recently upgraded their terminals to Linux running X Windows and Netscape, and their website has allowed on-line catalog searches and book renewals for about a year now. I’m told that the new system will have a bunch of interesting new features, though the only one that WINA cites in their story is that they’ll be able to e-mail notices instead of snail-mailing you to let you know when a book is in or you’ve got one overdue. Nice.

3 thoughts on “New Library Computer System”

  1. It burns me that more of our gov’t entities haven’t made the move away from Windows in more places. This reinforces my notion of C’ville as by far most rational and progressive progressive area in Virginia.

  2. I personally think that it is futher evidence of Charlottesville’s high GQ,geek quota. By the way how is linux as a game playing platform?

  3. By the way how is linux as a game playing platform?

    It’s getting there. Conceptually, it’s excellent, but there is a dearth of games. Quake and such have always been great on Linux, and only recently have such games as The Sims, SimCity 3000, Civilization, Heavy Gear, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Decent, Myth II, Railroad Tycoon, etc. become available for Linux. There are no shortage of games available only for Linux, but you’re likely not familiar with them, bein’ as how they’re only available for Linux. :) But they are a lot of fun. There are plenty of excellent little logic and card games, a few new impressive arcade games like Tux Racer, and some fancy ones (I think these are Linux-only) like Postal, Soldier of Fortune, Heretic II, Heroes III, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, and more.

    The best place to start would be Mandrake Linux’s new gaming edition. It’s wonderfully easy to use, and comes with The Sims, and is configured to support a large number of Windows games like Half-Life, StarCraft, etc., thanks to the TransGaming portability layer.

    Now what was that you were saying about geeks? :)

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