Convict on the Loose reader Diane tells us something interesting: “I just got a taped call from the cville police saying an armed prisoner is

loose in ‘my’ area. It seemed to be real but I’m not finding any breaking news on any websites.”
If anybody knows anything more, please post about it. 1:24pm Update: WINA reports that he escaped from Nelson sheriff’s deputies this morning, is 5’10”, with dark blonde hair, blue eyes, tatoos on his neck and arms, and is known to be dangerous, having taken hostages before.

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  1. I’m not sure if this is related, but I was driving on 64 at about 11:45, and between the Route 20 and 5th Street exits (which is where the jail is; you can see it from that part of the road), there were two cop cars, one on either side of the highway, with lights flashing, but they hadn’t pulled anyone over. One of the cars was empty; next to the other, I saw the officer and another man poking around by the side of the road.

  2. There is a police swat team set up in the field across from Moore’s Creek Restaurant. Cops are crawling everywhere and are posted every 100 yards are so; at Rives Park, Riverside Townhomes, and everything in between. Channel 29 is set up on the bend by the church on Rives Road. There are officers with dogs searching the neighborhood, and a helicopter circling overhead.

  3. I just got another taped message and they are advising parents in the area to pick their children up at the bus stops.

  4. I was trying to get to a business on Nassau Street around 1:30PM and was told by county police that they were looking for a suspect who was “armed.”

  5. LexisNexis Locks down – from an email forward

    > From: Bigler, Dennis J. (LNG)

    > Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 2:53 PM


    > Good afternoon,


    > We have been informed there is an escaped convict in the area. He is

    > considered to be armed and dangerous. There has been a reported sighting

    > near the coal tower which the police are investigating. At this time, we

    > have secured the premises to include locking all external doors. Entry to

    > the building will be by card only. Please do not allow access to the

    > building of anyone who does not have a proper identification badge. Please

    > use caution as you exit the building this afternoon. We are asking that

    > you not leave early unless it is an emergency. We will be providing

    > security escort to your vehicle at the end of the day. Once you are at

    > your vehicle, we ask that exit the facility in a timely fashion. We will

    > notify you of any further developments as soon as they occur.


    > Thank you,


    > Dennis J. Bigler

    > Property Manager

    > Grubb & Ellis Management

    > LexisNexis

  6. There’s been an unusually large number of police car and fire engine (!) sirens wailing around just to the south of the Downtown Mall over the past hour, has the escaped convict made it over here?

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