Escaped Convict Remains at Large

Still no sign of 24-year-old Oscar Junior McCauley IV (that’s not a mistake: it’s really his name), who escaped from Nelson Sheriff’s deputies on Friday morning. Despite the SWAT team, helicopter, and tremendous manpower combing the Monticello Ave. / Route 20 area of town, he somehow got away. His gun and some ammunition have been found on Monticello Road, WINA reports, but there has been no other sign of him.

6 thoughts on “Escaped Convict Remains at Large”

  1. Why is there not more overt concern about the fact that another violent criminal is free? Why no outrage?

    I find it very troublesome that there is so much concern for the comfort of the convict (not wanting to handcuff their hands behind their backs during transport) and not more about the fact that their incompetence has lost another convict … just my 2 cents …

  2. Forget Craig Winn — I wanna read this guy’s book. It’s like he’s The Fugitive or something! ;)

  3. Yes, it’s scary that violent criminals are out there. Hopefully, this guy is with his family as the police believe and is laying low.

    OTOH, I think his name is a wonderful example of redneck pretension. It sounds like a name from a Robert Earl Keen song (and let’s consider the possibility that he is with his family and ponder a Nelson County version of “Christmas from the Family” by R.E.Keen….apologies to those in Nelson County who do not give the name Oscar Junior for four generations……

  4. criminals need love too- there is no proof of any violent crimes that he has comitted and i dont think failure to appear in court makes you a danger to society. he has not been convicted, and thats the key word, of the crimes in the paper-the police should be only allowed to make statements if they are true and not create unnecessary panic. to all of those with family names im sure you think his name is very nice- to the rest of you you can kiss my ass!!!!!

  5. I’ll tell you want his name is;

    Oscar Junior McCauley v, and we’re proud of that

    name, and hope that it continue’s threw several

    generations to come. We are proud of our family

    name and because Oscar lV has made some bad decisions in life and is facing several years in jail,does not change that fact and never will. If

    all you have to do is make fun of some-one’s name,

    that tells me your not a very smart person and have no idea what it means to carry on a love ones

    name and I know you could’nt have children or you

    would’nt be making fun of some other mother’s son,

    because of a name you evidently know nothing about. YOU SHOULD REALLY GET A LIFE!!!

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