Sigma Nu Shooting

Late last night, an anonymous individual submitted the following: “I was playing tennis at Snyder Tennis Courts, when a drive by shooting occured at Sigma Nu. I heard a squealing of tires, four sounds of what was shockingly reminiscient of gunshots, and then another squealing of tires. Reports from partygoers were scarce from what I could gather, most thought it was gunshots, others simply said fireworks. However a majority did say that one male was ‘jumped’ at the scene. Police arrived moments later, two staying at Sigma Nu and the others continuing down Ivy towards the intersection of Rugby and the Corner.” It turns out that a several attackers beat up Colonel Jose Martin when he was leaving the party at Sigma Nu on Carr’s Hill Road. One of the guys fired into the air before they all took off. The frat house was being rented out at the time, so none of these folks have anything to do with the frat or UVa. WINA has the story.

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