Child Molester Escapes

Fork Union Military Academy teacher Gregory Allen Moyer was convicted in 1997 of, in the words of the Daily Progress’ Austin Graham, “committing a string of bizarre sex crimes involving cadets.” Strangely, the wealthy parents of one of his victims took him into their home while Moyer appealed his case to the Virginia Supreme Court. In May, he skipped out on the $50,000 bail that the couple had posted for him. When time ran out for Moyer to show up, the couple sent a check for $50k to Fluvanna County. Said Commonwealth’s Attorney Jeff Haislip, “He hasn’t served one day of his sentence that the court handed down and that he should be serving right now. The revocation of the bond is no consolation to me. It’s nice for the commonwealth to have, but we’re going to keep looking for him.”

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