No Noise Ordinance?

City Councilman Kevin Lynch says that the proposed downtown noise ordinance is no longer necessary. Recent tests on the Downtown Mall have shown that the problem doesn’t seem to exist any more. WINA has the story. Last time the noise ordinance was proposed, back in 1998ish, advocacy disappeared, too. That time it was because new restaurant The Jewish Mother was playing music until the wee hours of the business. JewMom went out of business, and the demand for the new law disappeared.

5 thoughts on “No Noise Ordinance?”

  1. if there’s a noise ordinace at all on the downtown mall it should be from 5-9 am in the morning! who the hell gave those guys gas powered leaf blowers anyway??? for those of us who live on the downtown mall this is a serious issue. i am awoken almost every morning before 6 am to the sound of these leaf blowers. and they are LOUD! damn it….

  2. You may not be far off the mark. He’s far and away the loudest musician (discounting the rhythms of the African drummers by Chaps, which is a different sort of thing entirely) on the Mall, and certainly the most repetitive. He seems like a real friendly guy, but I just don’t think that it’s right for him to musically monopolize an entire block.

  3. Has he been around at all this summer? I think that he’s finally gotten the message and left on his own…

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