Living Wage Protesters Arrested

Four living wage activists were arrested following a march on the Downtown Mall yesterday evening. A dozen or so folks marched down the mall in early evening, waving signs and puppets, before several of them chained themselves to the Omni’s elevators. Spot Etal, Nicholas Graber-Grace, Andrew Holden and Abi Miller were arrested after police cut them loose. In an interview with the Progress, an activist with the UVa Labor Action Group was shocked with the arrests, saying “To see [Graber-Grace] taken away as a criminal has really hurt me a lot.” George Loper has the full article on his website, in addition to a press release from the four arrestees.

3 thoughts on “Living Wage Protesters Arrested”

  1. I hope that girl with LAG was kidding. The goal of the protest was obviously to get arrested. Either she’s clueless, or lying. Anyhow, it worked, since they’re in the paper today.

  2. It is sad that Americans expect everything to be handed

    to them. Corporations have a responsibility to make as

    much money as possible, not for the employees but for

    the stock holders. The average person living in mexico

    makes $3000 a year. GE employs 30,000 people in

    Mexico, more than it employs in any country other than

    the United States. If GE paid that wage, all 30,000 GE

    workers combined in Mexico would make about $90 million a year, which is less than CEO Jack Welch made

    in 1999. Why is that? Because CEO Jack Welch makes

    the stock holders feel good about their investment. The

    workers in mexico are little more than machines that

    make the global corporation run. Totally replacable, at

    little price.

    Is that fair? No. Right now americans are quite upset

    that last year they had money, and now they dont. The

    downturn in the economy is probably a direct result of

    investors pouring millions of dollars into companies

    that made no money. Where did the billions of dollars

    that used to be flowing into and out of these companies

    go? It went into the pockets of CEOs and other

    executives who just took the money and ran.

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