Estatione Fountain Causes Controversy

gabe writes: I’ve gotten three calls today from people complaining about the design of Barbara Shifflett’s new restaurant, Estatione on West Main Street. Is it really the place of city officials to question the aesthetics of an entrepreneur bringing new life and vitality to an area neglected by those same people.

3 thoughts on “Estatione Fountain Causes Controversy”

  1. I think the landscaping looks great. There’s a good number of different kinds of trees/shrubs that look very Dr. Seuss.

    As for the fountain, I know I mocked the Rapture sculpture, but that was because it was uninteresting and poorly constructed. I haven’t seen this fountain, so I haven’t anything to say.

  2. Is there a photo of this thing online?

    I could see questioning the aesthetics of, say, another suburban nightmare concoction of cinder block. Or that monstrosity on Grady Ave, ‘Striper John’s.’

    And I’ve wanted to take a bulldozer to the ‘Brown’s Cleaners’ box since I first laid eyes on it.

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