Developer Sues County

United Land Corp. owner Wendell Wood has filed suit against Albemarle County’s Board of Supervisors after they rejected Home Depot‘s bid to build a 130,000 square-foot store on his land. The Board’s rejection of the planned construction was popular among anti-sprawl groups in the area. (Though it was rejected for environmental concerns.) Last June, Wood made #65 on Virginia Business’ “The Virginia 100” list of the state’s wealthiest and most powerful people. Wednesday’s Daily Progress is the source of this story.

2 Responses to “Developer Sues County”

  • Hmm. What are the grounds of his suit? Is he just sore that he won’t get a big fat wad of cash, or is there something else? I’m generally opposed to this sort of development, but I’d like to know the whole story for this one.

  • Sorry, but the Progress doesn’t archive their old news, stupidly. That gave the relevant details, but that doesn’t do us much good here and now. :)


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