Traffic Calming Proceeds

Channel 29 reported this evening that the city is moving ahead with traffic calming plans, attempting to slow vehicles in 12-14 locations around town. We’ve already spent $120,000 on slowing down cars on Park Street, a project that has been met with much grumbling. There have been a number of comments on George Loper’s site [1, 2, 3, 4]. For some background on this, you can read the Progress’ February article. No timeline for the $570,000 project has been mentioned in the press.

6 thoughts on “Traffic Calming Proceeds”

  1. Of course people are upset about about traffic calming on Park Street. Who says “gosh, I sure do like taking longer to get from point a to point b”? Not a whole lot of people. Everybody wants to shave that 12 seconds off their drive and go 40mph on Park Street instead of 25mph. The only people that will appreciate the slowdown are Park Street residents. So when city councilors complain that people don’t like the traffic slowdowns, they need to recognize that this is a good thing. It means that it’s having the desired effect.


  2. Traffic “calming” is against the nature of, well…traffic. If there’s a problem on Park Street due to too many drivers, slowing down those on it won’t alleviate that problem, it will just make it safer. This is more of a case of treating the symptoms rather than the disease.

  3. Me, I’m into chugging vodka tonics while driving up and down park street. If you’re good, you can do it without hitting the benches in the middle of the road.

  4. Are you kidding? That’s 10 points for each bench that you’re missing out on! (50 points if an old lady is sitting on it).

  5. Well, yeah. It will make it safer. Isn’t that a good idea?

    Let’s be honest here- people like their cars. It’s not a matter of money- they just don’t *want* to ride the bus. And if we raise taxes and stuff to reduce the local population, you and I are the ones who’d be forced to leave. Wealthy, SUV drivin’ neuvous riche will still be here.

    Any focused, local efforts at reducing the overall volume of traffic would, at best, take years or decades to create results. In the meantime, it’s probably a good idea to keep people from zooming through residential neighborhoods like they were on the bypass.

  6. I personally hate to drink and drive…every time I do I hit a bump and spill my drink. What we should be discushing ish tha eparent lacks of unnershtanding yall have wiff da way we…..

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