Spicer’s Murder Case Continues

The murder case against Charlottesville’s Michael Spicer is proceeding down in Tortola, becoming more incredible by the month. In the latest news, there’s been testimony regarding loss of evidence, lying under oath and tampering with the murder scene. The defense’s testimony begins on the 17th, which is probably when things will get really interesting. Spicer has been charged with the murder of Lois McMillen, a New York artist and model. Michael Spicer has long been well-known and liked in Charlottesville social circles. CourtTV has ongoing coverage of the story, if that tells you anything about the sensationalism factor.

5 thoughts on “Spicer’s Murder Case Continues”

  1. more here straight from the source…not bad information for a british virgin islands newspaper.

    weird. it reads, “Michael Spicer admitted to having been wearing a blood-stained shirt,” the chief inspector wrote. “He was not able to account for the blood.” The four men were formally charged Jan. 19. They have been in the Road Town prison ever since.

  2. Wow — unable to account for a bloodstained shirt? I’m no detective, but I’d call that damning evidence.


  3. Hey Waldo. Fine site. But your comment as to the bloodstained shirt? There wasn’t any blood. And his allegedly wet and sandy shoes? Not wet. No sand.

    Basically Spicer mouthed off to the police, as is his wont, and the result is he and his freinds have spent over a year in jail on charges there is no evidence to suport.

  4. Wow, this story gets more and more interesting. Too bad that the only decent coverage about this is from CourtTV. I don’t receive the channel, but I gather that they’re not the most reliable source of news.


  5. Actually your coverage is pretty decent, even if necessarily short. There is another source: the local BVI paper called the Island Sun: http://www.islandsun.com/2001-April/130401/local1-v4i54.html

    The Island Sun newspaper is trying to be objective, insofar as they can be consistent with keeping the real estate and tourist industries from collapsing. If there is no real evidence against Spicer & Co. (as many believe) then the BVI Crown Prosecutor has held four blameless Americans in jail on a diet of fish heads and Spam for over a year, to avoid admitting a mistake–while a real murderer may rove the island.

    What has not yet been reported is that while the four were in jail there was at least one more unexplained death on what is a relatively small island. Admitting that, would not be good for tourism.

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