UVa Board Raises Fees for Sports

UVa‘s Board of Visitors has approved a tuition hike of $76, $50 of which is to support their sports program. Tuition will continue to go up by $50 per year until the sports program breaks even. UVa reports that, by 2010, the athletics department will be $47M in the hole. This, despite that UVa’s Capital Campaign, which ended just last month, raised an incredible $159M. Previously, millions were raised for the sports program, notably Carl Smith’s $25M donation. 21.4% of student activities fees goes to athletics. Is it possible that UVa is only planning to spend a small amount of their endowment fund on sports? [Note: This story has been updated. Read on to see the changes.]

3 thoughts on “UVa Board Raises Fees for Sports”

  1. The 21.4% amount nearly freaked me out. However, if you read it, that’s 21.4% of the student activities fees (around $1100, I think).

    So if you translate that $240 into admissions (mostly free) to the sporting events, you’d only have to go to 24 events before it pays for itself. Still extravagant, but not nearly as bad.

  2. You’re correct, of course. I’ve updated the story to reflect that. My apologies for my oversight of this crucial detail. Thanks!

    I’m so glad to have been corrected. In print, you would have had to write a letter, which the publication may or may not have run, and they may or may not have run a correction. On cvillenews.com, OTOH, you can simply post and say “uhhh…you’re wrong.” Yay, the system works. :)


  3. Fact checking is only one benefit. If it hadn’t been for this site, I never even would have noticed that!

    And to bring it back to the topic at hand. Sports should be self-sufficient–I would like to see the financials for the football and basketball team (who should be bringing in revenue/sponsorship).

    They stated that the operating costs were beginning to operate with a deficient budget. I’m also in favor of using some of those VSAF funds that get me kicked out of my parking spot for that, instead of just more scholarships. But I’m not angry, really.

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