Live Arts Gala

munk writes: So, it seems the Live Arts Gala has been set for June 21. $250 per person may be a pretty penny for the years biggest party, but it’s (probably) worth it.

I hope so. The last Nine Lives of the Arts cost just as much, and that was miserable.

4 thoughts on “Live Arts Gala”

  1. It wasn’t miserable. Granted, I was in the way back corner by a speaker column at a table with all the dentists, but still… perhaps you didn’t drink enought, Waldo. I was doing the Charleston ’til the wee hours.

  2. Well, I thought it was miserable. That was the third one that I’d gone to, and I’d volunteered for a few before that. Live Arts did a great job of putting the event on, as always, but the people that showed up were just jerks. Hell, didn’t somebody at your table ask you if you were a member of the waitstaff or something? I saw so few people that I knew, just these very Keswickian and Farmingtonish people that made it plain that they thought very little of me.

    I think it’s a shame that neither I nor the average volunteer (I haven’t volunteered at Live Arts for years, to be fair) are of high-quality enough breeding to attend the annual fundraisers.

  3. I’m sorry…but someone needs to note that $250 is an extremely large amount of money for most people–especially starving college students.:)

    I guess I’ll just have to wait until I can afford to attend such things.

  4. Well, that’s the idea. It’s a fundraiser. It’s like those $500,000/plate dinners you hear about big politicians going to. And considering that you get wined, dined, and entertained by nine (is it still nine?) different shows, that price isn’t actually as far off from reasonable as it seems.

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