SWAT-Invaded House Unlivable

About a week ago, as you might recall, Charlottesville’s SWAT team had a seven-hour stand off with some poodles on Nassau Street. (They thought there was a fugitive inside the house.) They ended up storming the house, complete with tear gas, kicking-down-of-doors…the whole nine yards. Well, the house is a shambles now, and the city is putting up the owners in a hotel. In the meantime, the city hasn’t cleaned the house, and ServiceMaster is having trouble cleaning it, because of the danger of gas residue. The Progress has the story, but, of course, they delete their news after 24 hours. So, what gives? Why are we treating city residents like this?

2 thoughts on “SWAT-Invaded House Unlivable”

  1. What I remember of the story, the resident had rented the house for 28 years and wasn’t the suspect or target. The fugitive was wanted for credit card fraud and didn’t live in the house; police suspected he might be in it and spent seven hours surrounding the house. They used stun gas and tear gas for nearly an hour on the Belmont residence which was empty except for (now toxic) pets.

  2. I suspect that there’s more to the story than that, since credit card fraud doesn’t necessitate the sort of force that they exerted and were willing to exert with a SWAT team. After all, the Charlottesville police are usually as impotent as Bob Dole in a French whore house. Oops, was that out loud? : )

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